Mass eMailer
Send bulk email messages to multiple recipients with this cool, easy to use and powerful program! Contact your customers and employees or start the email marketing campaign that will sell your products. It's free to try.

Break-up recipient lists
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Mass eMailer Anti Spam Policy

A powerful additional option - Complementary Outlook add-in. It uses shared recipient lists with Mass eMailer and You can use the familiar message editor and the already configured mail accounts.

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  • New ! Powerful options for deleting and conditionally selecting recipients.
  • New ! Eliminate accidental mistakes in recipient lists - now you can discard changes on exit.
  • Support for TLS servers (e.g. Microsoft® Office 365).
  • Break-up recipient lists - a convenient way to send messages to smaller groups.
  • Import or attach lists to recipients from Outlook , Windows Address Book (XP) , Windows Contacts (Vista , 7).
  • Import recipients from a folder with vCard files.
  • Can connect to any type of remote SMTP server.
  • Supports HTML format of the message - you can use rich text with different formatting and embed or link to remote pictures.
  • Full support of letter customization.
  • Import customization data in any language from unicode encoded files.
  • Add Multiple attachments to your message.
  • Retrieve unsubscribers from a pop3 mail account.
  • Receive detailed reports about past sendings and easily resume sending to those who didn't receive the message the first time.
  • Advanced options of the sending process for maximum flexibility and efficiency.
  • Sends e-mails multi-threaded.